Ultrasound Training App with FingerScan

Perform transverse and longitudinal gray-scale and color Doppler ultrasound scans by swiping your finger, throughout labeled and continuously added data sets of ultrasound exams in obstetrics and gynaecology. Zoom in or drag your scan with multi-touch gestures. The categorized scans are introduced with images or video clips and can be constantly redownloaded.

Normal and abnormal data sets of prenatal ultrasound examinations are provided as well. After the download you can scan back and forth by swiping one finger up or down (Figure 1) and if labeling is enabled the scan stops sequentially at each labeled content while swiping. To magnify regions of interest pinch out with two fingers (Figure 2 - same scan as shown in figure 1 but more caudally, slightly magnified and moved to the left) and a drag with two fingers will pan the content (Figure 1). To zoom back out pinch in. If available you can enable color Doppler imaging (Color button) or switch to a different scanning plane, either transverse or longitudinal (TS/LS button).

Each mode (transverse or longitudinal as gray-scale or color Doppler imaging) has its own labeling. The scans are pooled in categorized cases and each scan can be separately deleted and redownloaded if needed. Check regularly for new scans and cases with the "Update" button.

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