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Stage your own ultrasound course with a wealth of pathological findings on a simulator. The Schallware ultrasound simulator enables hands-on training for physicians who by practising on dummies, can diagnose real patients using ultrasound based on original ultrasound data.
Our simulator consists of a dummy, a tracked probe and a computer. Operate by guiding the probe over the dummy and a corresponding B scan is shown in real-time. On the simulator a patient is represented by single 3D volumes, for example six volumes for the abdomen or two volumes for the right and left flanks (intercostal). When using the probe, if you depart from one volume, the simulator automatically switches to the next. The size of any single volume corresponds to the probe's width. Within a chosen volume, the probe can turned and tilted as desired.

The pathology database spans the fields of internal medicine, cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology. You currently have access to 200 cases of internal medicine, 100 of obstetrics and gynaecology and 60 in cardiology.
All the documented cases include anamnesis, questioning, remarks, descriptions of what is to be seen in the simulator and a pathological delineation. With the help of the Regions of Interest (ROI) component, the system unerringly leads you to a case's specific anatomical or pathological structures.

The software facilitates an approach congruent with an ultrasound scanner featuring login procedure, measurements, filing of images and the creating of PDF reports.

With a Schallware ultrasound simulator, you provide your doctors with simple, yet comprehensive access to a pathology database. This enables you to establish and maintain a consistent quality standard in the entire clinic.

Furthermore you have the choice to either select predefined field-tested courses, tutorials and examinations or access to the entire database including overall abdomen, EASL liver courses, IBD course, obstetrics, pathologies and emergency case courses.

Up to ten devices can be rented for one session, though please check in advance for availability. Your training event can either take place in your clinic or at the Schallware training centre in Berlin-Buch. Sessions can be booked with comprehensive support including transport and service during the course. Alternatively an external trainer can be integrated to instruct tutors.

Booking necessitates registration or logging in and providing information about the choice of course, course date, number of devices and service preferences. You will promptly receive an offer and a booking confirmation as the circumstances require. Cancellation or postponement are feasible up to seven days in advance of the chosen date.

Have fun with your configurations!
We will be happy to receive any suggestions you have via or by phone on +49 30 29006110 (secretary's office)

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