Count of patients: 154
Last Update: 2016-04-05

Patient 167convex, colorDetails
Patient 166convex, linearDetails
Patient 165Liver hematoma (traumatic)convexDetails
Patient 164pregnancy, extrauterineconvexDetails
Patient 163Liver fibrosis, Portal hypertension, Portal vein thrombosis, SMV thrombosis, Splenomegaly, CBD dilatation, Ascitesconvex, colorDetails
Patient 162Ecchinococus alveolaris, Biliary obstruction, Biliary stent, Bilioma with cutaneous fistulaconvexDetails
Patient 161Crohn's disease, Oral contrast studyconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 160Granulomatous hepatitis, Enlarged lymph nodesconvexDetails
Patient 159Stenotic tumor of Asc.colon, Lymph node metastasisconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 158Liver metastasis, Gallbladder cancer, Lymph node metastasislinear, colorDetails
Patient 157Thrombosis of V.cava, Aneurysmconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 156Enterocutaneous fistula with abscess and calcified detritusconvex, linearDetails
Patient 155Pancreatic tumor, macrocystic pancreatic cystadenomaconvexDetails
Patient 154Pancreatic serous cystadenoma, liver hemangiomaconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 153Liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, cholecystolithiasis, partial portal vein thrombosisconvexDetails
Patient 152IBD: oral SICUS for stenosis in terminal ileumconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 151Hepatic Echinococcus alveolaris, dilated hepatici, purulent peritonitisconvexDetails
Patient 150Liver tumors, CBD stenosis, enlarged lymph nodesconvexDetails
Patient 149Portal vein thrombosis, TIPS, hypertrophic additional spleenconvexDetails
Patient 148Liver metastasis, cholecystolithiasis, chronic cholecystitis, melanomaconvexDetails
Patient 147Psoas abscess, Cholecystolithiasis, chronic cholecystitisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 146Acute diverticulitis, kidney transplantconvex, linearDetails
Patient 145Adrenal tumor, CEUSconvex, colorDetails
Patient 144Necrotizing pancreatitisconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 143Budd-Chiari and Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndromes, Ascites (color)convex, colorDetails
Patient 142Liver cirrhosis, liver tumor, portal vein thrombosis, portal hypertension, collaterals, splenic infiltration, ascitesconvexDetails
Patient 141Aerobilia, CholedocholithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 140Chronic calcifying pancreatitis, left nephrectomy, CTPV, aerobiliaconvexDetails
Patient 139Infected splenic cyst, transplanted kidney, follow upconvexDetails
Patient 138Active chronic hepatitis-CconvexDetails
Patient 137Tumor in the right adrenal gland, accessory spleen, enlarged prostateconvex, colorDetails
Patient 136Lymphomata in hepatoduodenal ligament and in splenic hilumconvexDetails
Patient 135Tumor of the pancreatic tailconvexDetails
Patient 134Cholecystolithiasis with multiple concrementsconvexDetails
Patient 133Polycystic liver and kidneysconvexDetails
Patient 132Bright liver tumors, splenomegalyconvexDetails
Patient 131Infrarenal aortic aneurysmconvex, colorDetails
Patient 130Liver tumorsconvexDetails
Patient 129Liver cirrhosis, nodules, cavathrombus, spleen with scar, left pleural effusionconvexDetails
Patient 128Cystic kidney, accessory spleenconvexDetails
Patient 127Thoraco-Abdominal aortic aneurysm, right pleural effusionconvex, colorDetails
Patient 126Acute appendicitisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 125Free fluid, renal cysts, arteriosclerosisconvexDetails
Patient 124Hepatic hemangioma, cholecystolithiasis, dilated CBD, ureteral stenosisconvexDetails
Patient 123Ileus, peritoneal carcinosis, skin metastasis, necrotic liver metastasisconvexDetails
Patient 122CEUS, FNH, Liver cyst, Liver hemangioma, MeasurementsconvexDetails
Patient 121Complicated hepatic cystconvexDetails
Patient 120Hepaticojejunostomy, aerobilia, renal cyst, pancreatic pseudo cystconvexDetails
Patient 119FLD, chronic calcific pancreatitis, splenomegaly, splenic vein thrombosisconvexDetails
Patient 118Liver cysts, M.Crohn, Adenomyomatosis, cholecystolith., nephrolith., stenosis of ileoc. anastomosisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 117Liver cirrh., reopened umbilical vein, gallbladder hydrops, cholecystolithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 116Left pleural effusionconvexDetails
Patient 115Right pleural effusionconvexDetails
Patient 113Sigmoid with inflammated diverticulaconvexDetails
Patient 112Gynecomastia, secreting adrenal tumorconvexDetails
Patient 111Primary sclerosing cholangitis PSCconvexDetails
Patient 110Hepatic hemangioma in S6, suspected appendicitisconvexDetails
Patient 109HCV cirrhosis HCV, multilocular HCC, partial portal vein thrombosis, ascitesconvexDetails
Patient 108Hepatomegaly with multiple nodular lesions, stenosis of vena cavaconvexDetails
Patient 107Non-Hodgkin lymphoma infiltration of pancreas, spleen and stomachconvexDetails
Patient 106Chronic calcific pancreatitis, portal vein thrombosis, splenomegaly, mesentery abscessconvexDetails
Patient 105Appendicitis with fecalith - atypical courselinearDetails
Patient 104Normal appendixconvex, linearDetails
Patient 103Liver hemangiomas, cholecystolithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 102Abscess of avital former hydatid cyst convexDetails
Patient 101Peritoneal carcinosis by liposarcomaconvexDetails
Patient 100DLT, NHL Liver, infiltrated intestine, bilateral pleural effusion, gallbladder wall edema (hypalbuminemia)convexDetails
Patient 99Dilated intrahepatic bile duct, two stents, hepatic cysts, additional spleenconvex, colorDetails
Patient 98Marfan syndrome, HTX, aortic aneurysm, aortic dissectionconvex, colorDetails
Patient 97Pancreatic pseudocyst, cholecystolithiasis, hydronephrosis, right ureteral occlusion, parapelvic cystsconvexDetails
Patient 96LTX, CBD with stone sludge, ITBL, thrombus in hepatic artery stumpconvexDetails
Patient 95Splenic hydatid cyst (Echinococcus granulosus)convexDetails
Patient 94Compensated Budd-Chiari syndrome with veno-venous collateralsconvex, colorDetails
Patient 93Small white hepatic tumor, dilated CBD, cavernous transformationconvexDetails
Patient 92Acute cholecystitis with lithiasis, detritus, fatty liverconvexDetails
Patient 91Severe steatohepatitis, Asc.-Decompensation, HCCconvexDetails
Patient 90Bright liver tumors, Benign liver lesionslinearDetails
Patient 8960 y/o female, Urothelial carcinomaconvex, colorDetails
Patient 88Budd-Chiari-Syndrome, Liver tumors, FNH, NRH, Portal hypertension, Splenomegaly, Ascites, Pleural effusion, Cholecystolithiasis, Umbilical vein shuntconvex, colorDetails
Patient 87Hepatic cyst, renal cystconvexDetails
Patient 86convexDetails
Patient 85Cyst in pancreatic headconvexDetails
Patient 81convexDetails
Patient 80Caroli's syndrome (cystic dilated intrahepatic bile duct)convexDetails
Patient 79Carotid bifurcation plaquelinearDetails
Patient 78convexDetails
Patient 77Mechanical small bowel ileusconvexDetails
Patient 76Hepatic cystsconvexDetails
Patient 75CholelithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 74Colon carcinom with liver metastasisconvexDetails
Patient 73Kydney cystsconvexDetails
Patient 71Infected splenic cystconvexDetails
Patient 70Accessory spleen, kydney cystconvexDetails
Patient 69Uterine myomaconvexDetails
Patient 68Primary sclerosing cholangitis PSCconvexDetails
Patient 67Bladder polypsconvexDetails
Patient 66Mild aortic stclerosisconvexDetails
Patient 65Aneurysm and septic thrombosis of portal and splenic veinconvexDetails
Patient 64Acute pancreatitis, choledocholithiasis, cholecystolithiasis, liver cystconvexDetails
Patient 63Splenic ruptureconvexDetails
Patient 62Aortic sclerosis convexDetails
Patient 61Chronic pancreatitis with tumor in pancreatic headconvexDetails
Patient 60Colon, Liver cyst, Kidney cyst, Preparation for colonoscopyconvexDetails
Patient 59FNH in S5, renal cell carcinoma RCC (left), cavathrombus, thrombus in V.cavaconvexDetails
Patient 58APS, splenomegaly, thromboses in splenic vein and mesenteric vein collaterals, ascitesconvexDetails
Patient 57Aortic sclerosis, aortic prothesis with thrombosed pseudo mycotic aneurysmconvexDetails
Patient 56linearDetails
Patient 55Aortic sclerosis, aortic dissection type BconvexDetails
Patient 54Tumor infiltration of the kidney, obstructive uropathyconvexDetails
Patient 53Caval thrombus, renal cell carcinoma RCC (left), liver metastasesconvexDetails
Patient 52Morbus Ormond, duodenal stenosisconvexDetails
Patient 51Medullary thyroid carcinoma MTClinearDetails
Patient 50convexDetails
Patient 49Ischemic type biliary lesions ITBLconvexDetails
Patient 48convexDetails
Patient 47Acute appendicitiesconvex, linearDetails
Patient 46Pancreatic pseudo cyst convexDetails
Patient 45Morbus Osler, dilated hepatic arteries and veinsconvexDetails
Patient 44Autoimmune pancreatitisconvexDetails
Patient 42Horseshoe kidneyconvexDetails
Patient 41Acute splenic rupture and necrotizing pancreatitis (tail), intraperitoneal bleedingconvexDetails
Patient 40Pancreatic tumorconvexDetails
Patient 39Parathyroid gland adenomalinearDetails
Patient 36Sigmoid involved Crohn's diseaseconvexDetails
Patient 31Horse shoe kidney, Abdominal mass, ArteriosclerosisconvexDetails
Patient 29Right adrenal tumorconvexDetails
Patient 28Liver metastases, Neuroendocrine tumors NET (unclear origin)convexDetails
Patient 27Appendicitisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 26Morbus Osler, dilated hepatic artery, chologenic liver abscesses, ischemic bile duct destructionconvexDetails
Patient 25Splenomegaly with varicose dilated splenic veinconvexDetails
Patient 24Aneurysm of trunk and splenic arteryconvexDetails
Patient 23Pancreatic head carcinomaconvexDetails
Patient 22Duodenal carcinomaconvexDetails
Patient 21Pancreatic head tumor, liver tumorsconvexDetails
Patient 2060 y/o male, AnatomyconvexDetails
Patient 19NephrocalcinosisconvexDetails
Patient 18Left pleural effusionconvexDetails
Patient 17Cholecystolithiasis, free fluid next to hepatic contourconvexDetails
Patient 16Morbus Osler of the liverconvexDetails
Patient 15Infected hepatic cyst with severe granulocytic inflammationconvexDetails
Patient 14Space-occupying lesion pars ascendens duodeniconvexDetails
Patient 13White tumor in S4convexDetails
Patient 12Enlarged prostateconvex, colorDetails
Patient 11Hematoma post-PTCD, dilated bile duct of left hepatic lobeconvexDetails
Patient 10Hepatomegaly, hepatic tumor, multiple lymphomataconvexDetails
Patient 9Secreting carcinoma (lymph congestion) with compression of duodenum, left pleural effusionconvexDetails
Patient 8Peritoneal reactive effusionsconvexDetails
Patient 7Spleen with hypoechoic space-occupying lesionconvexDetails
Patient 6Splenomegaly, free fluidconvex, colorDetails
Patient 5Splenic infiltration by malignant lymphomaconvexDetails
Patient 4Chronic non-calcifying pancreatitisconvexDetails
Patient 3Multiple liver metastasesconvexDetails
Patient 2Hydatid cyst WHO CE3aconvexDetails
Patient 1Free fluidconvexDetails

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